Tassos Lignadis Contemporary Greek Poetry, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, 1972   

In the poetry of Giorgos Moleskis, one easily detects a favorable presupposition. Sensitive and receptive, inspired primarily by the sense of the soil and by his roots.
The “nationality” of Autobiography, put forth with the erotic disposition, is an element that invites the critical approach to be demanding. I realize that Giorgos Moleskis is young, very young indeed; therefore the following observations are intended to help his future efforts, as much as they can, providing – of course – that he believes they stand to reason. In Giorgos Moleskis’ book one finds humanitarian spirit that is innocent and direct, one makes contact with his land’s holly essence. May he never lose these qualities.


Chysanthi Zitsaia Eperotiki, Estia, 342 – 343, Oct. – Nov. 1980    

The verses of Giorgos Moleskis are dynamic; they overflow with vitality. His poetry reches universal dimensions, but remains rooted in the soil of his country. I sing of my earth with a universal voice… It begins with the love and torment of the soil, and there it ends. And it is this very thing that becomes transformed into the essence of life, that becomes ‘power’ for the course! Within his poetry the ‘Taste of the Homeland’ is intense. It makes its appearance through flashes to the past; it stops at important historical moments. All of Giorgos Moleskis’ verses possess directness and the poetic ‘chill’ that stirs the soul.